Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Digging out

I knew that March through May was going to be a busy three months, but I had no idea HOW busy!

Between a two week trip to Malaysia, teaching a photography workshop and running several photoshoots for customers, painting and modeling has taken a back seat!  At least I managed to field my Imperial Knight in a quick 1000pt game against Blood Angels.

Yes, those are Rogue Trader era Imperial Guardsmen being fielded with the Knight.  If the weapons loadout looks odd, it is because the Thermal Canon is a proxy for the Avenger Gatling Cannon, and the twin-lascannon on top is a proxy for the Icarus Autocannons.

I did find out how much I missed the D-weapon chainsword, as these Assault Marines tied up the Knight for 3 turns, even with his Stomp attack! (FNP from the Sanguinary Priest made close combat frustrating)

Still another week or two of craziness to go, so I had better stop writing now and get back to work!