Friday, August 15, 2014

More Inquisition

3 models done is progress, right?

  At least I've based a few of the Inquisition models and finished my Kasrkin that will fill out the second squad of Henchmen.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pre-Heresy Rhino pt 1

(What is one more modular Rhino... really...)

    Before I've completed EITHER of my modular Rhinos that are based on the "current" GW Rhino kit, I managed to get sidetracked.  You see, after buying the old-school Predator Annihilator on eBay, I start to wonder - "Just what is out there on eBay from the Rogue Trader days?"  Of course I justify this with the statement - "Oh, it is just an innocent little search..."  and two more kits later, I'm building another modular Rhino, this one based on a Rogue Trader era frame.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

3D-printed Knight

Instructions, who needs them?

   While I am very appreciative of the retirement gift from one of my fellow WH40K modelers, I am now figuring out one of the more frustrating parts of using 3D printed models.  THERE ARE NO PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS!!

Thankfully, the model designer left some basic instructions over at Thingverse or else I would be royally screwed!

More Salvaged IG

How many times can you play an unpainted army based with Blue-Tac?

   I'm not proud to say it, but these guys are at least primed after the last three games I used them in!  Pretty embarrassing to have your Kasrkin fall over when the Blue-Tac holding them to their base gives way.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Eisenkern Guard build pt1

(or why I love OTHER miniature companies)

   Yes, I realize I am building several minis with NOT A SINGLE GW part other than the base! (and one bolt pistol)

The photo above is one of my test builds using the awesome Dreamforge Games Eisenkern range with several conversion bits from other companies. (don't mind the BlueTac holding the heads and weapons on!)