Stormbird project

As if building my current 40k and heresy 30k armies wasn't enough, I've decided that I need to work on a huge-scale project, none other than a Stormbird dropship.  For those of you who are attempting this same project for 30k/Apoc, or just want to see some awesome WIP resources, here are the links below:

First off, the piece that captured my imagination, by BulldogUK.
BulldogUK's version of the Stormbird

The two models that provide the inspiration for the Stormbird Transporter variant are below:
A "pure" transporter version
I really like the fact that this can "transport" a super-heavy tank.  Even though a lot of people have mentioned that the thought of a "Deep Striking" super heavy as cheesy, it makes perfect sense to me for something that would be done on the largest planetary assaults.
  While not a Space Marine Stormbird, as it is classified as an "Imperial Guard Pegasus class transporter", it makes perfect sense to be the basis for a Stormbird variant that the Space Marine Legions used to bring their Fellblades onto the planetary beachheads.
How the model was built: at Mordian 7th Regiment

Trevor Goddard's Ultramarine Stormbird
   While the model to the right is a compromise between a full-on Stormbird and the "Transporter" variant, I do love the addition of the Stormraven panels which link this design to the current ones employed by the Space Marines.
   The blog post from GravenGames that takes you step-by-step through the construction of this Stormbird is here:
   The creator's YouTube Channel is here, showing a lot of other modeling goodness! (icluding a repaint of the Stormbird for a new customer.
Trevor Goddard's YouTube Channel

Another WIP Stormbird from a great YouTube modeler:

Building a Pre Heresy Storm Bird, Luna Wolves - 
YouTube video by MarneusAugustaCalgar.

Updates will be posted here as I go from concept to actual conversion model!