Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Codex - Space Marines - Aftershocks

(or Can you hook a [Battle] Brother up?)

Now that I've had some time to dig around in the new Space Marine codex, surf the interwebs for other viewpoints, leave some snarky comments and generally digest the impact of the codex update I think I have a few more observations to share.

I hope the picture above isn't how this codex turns out for the other Space Marine Chapters that have their own codices!

As those of you who have read through a few blog posts of mine know, one of my primary players in my local gaming group plays Blood Angels.  Sure, I don't want his codex to be a mirror image of mine for the times our armies meet on opposite sides of the table, but it certainly isn't fun having nearly strategic differences between his army of Space Marines and mine.
   A great point was brought up over on Sepulchre of Heroes that GW could have placed a note at the bottom of several entries as to which non-Codex chapters have access to these rules/vehicles/etc, along the way that Forge World does it in Imperial Armor vol 2.  This way at least they could make the fluff and the codex entries line up!  Obviously for BA players who have the Storm Raven, the lack of Storm Talons is nothing short of infuriating.  To add insult to injury, the addition of 3-vehicle armor squadrons, grav-weapons and lots of other niceties is about to make my fellow player just curl up in a ball with all of his BA miniatures!

Oh, and one note for those of us who like hurricane bolters on our Ironclad dreads...


Okay, I can now return to my normal level of excitement. Being an Imperial Fists successor, that is a major upgrade for me, along with the benefits to building damage when my seismic hammer hits my opponents fortifications. (now if only GW would make those annoying Skyshield Landing Pads a fortification, instead of Unusual terrain! I would even be fine with them being an AV15 large building to reflect their tough nature.)

Of course a lot of people are chirping about the Skyhammer Annihilation force.  Since it is sold out on the GW store and I certainly don't need nearly $400 of models to plus up my Space Marines army, I'll pass!  I only envision myself using the rules once... to beat up on my Tau player's 9-Riptide army.  Although it would make a good combo with my Inquisitorial detachment featuring Coteaz and an Ordo Xenos companion. (got to love those servo skulls when deep striking!)

I'm interested to hear what the rest of the interwebs has to say over the next few weeks as people get a few games under their belts with the updates.  Of course it seems like my plans are derailed as usual, so I haven't put the new codex to the test, either. (Darn you, real life responsibilities!)