Sunday, November 22, 2015

Imperial Fists - Paint Scheme #1

(I'm so glad that painting is easy and I never mess up... oh wait...)

WIP of Imperial Fists
Here is the first test model for my 40k Imperial Fists.  I don't think I want my 30k Fists looking this nice and new.  Well maybe except for the Mk.4 kits!

AP Demonic Yellow basecoat
The project started with a spray coat of AP Demonic Yellow as a primer and basecoat.  It worked great from the spray can, so I managed to eliminate the separate white primer step.  Two very light coats managed to give me the coverage in the image to the left.

   I opted to go right into the Sepia wash stage.  I used the AP Soft Tone and tried to be somewhat precise with my placement of the wash along edges and into the details.  Well, that didn't work so well!  I proceeded to do the detail work.  I would go back part way through the detail work and start touching up with AP Demonic Yellow, but more about that later!

Here is a summary of the detail work, along with an image of most of the detail work, minus the base and the lenses:

  • Pauldron Red edging Red was AP Pure Red
  • Black on armor joints and bolter was a craft paint (gasp!)
  • Aquilla was AP Greedy Gold with highlights of Shining Silver
  • Bolter silver was was AP Gunmetal
  • Lenses were Vallejo Jade Green
  • Base was craft paint Granite Grey
 As I mentioned earlier, I also went back and touched up a lot of the yellow with AP Demonic Yellow from the dropper bottle.  This went on VERY thin (as yellows usually do), but did a good job with 2 or 3 touchups to smooth out any "over-sepia'd" spots.  

  I threw a wash of AP Strong Tone over all the metallic parts and the grey on the base.  A small highlight of Pewter Grey on the bolter was a substitute for GW Dawnstone highlights.

   At this point I just need to finish the base with some Dove Grey drybrushing, and throw some Vallejo Foul Green highlights into the lenses. A VERY THIN edging of sepia along some of the joints might be in order, along with edge highlights done with a lightened mix of Demonic Yellow, but there is actually more color depth to the model than my photos show.  I guess I need to build a better studio to shoot miniatures!

   Now to start on the "rougher" scheme that will go on the 30k Mk.III armors.