Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Has it been 6 months?

(or how time flies when you aren't blogging!)

My computers keep multiplying!
I guess I have been falling down on my blogging duties over the past few months! In all fairness, I've been busy with changing to a new, much more fun job, and all the while continuing to run photography workshops!

I have made some progress on a few of the projects that I've been muddling through.  My Tech-Guard (or Skitarii to you youngsters) have been filled out to 5 per squad.  More Mk4 kits have been built up for my Space Marine Veterans, and I've completed a bit more terrain.

Sometimes a little wine is the only thing to get you through a build
Fortunately, I have resisted the urge to purchase a lot more models in the meantime, even with the release of the Deathwatch game!  I wasn't so lucky with the 2 plastic Contemptors that I acquired from +Christopher  over at Addicted To Resin.  Go check out his Shattered Legion builds.  His skills always put me to shame!  Hopefully I'll get to see him across the gaming table later this month, and as usual, he managed to shame me into picking up some GW terrain to build up.  I am such a sucker!
One of the two Aquilla towers for the gateway arch.
With that, I'll end this post, so that I can spend some time with individual posts to bring everyone up to date with my project progression!  I hope everyone has had a more productive Spring and Summer than I have!