Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Refit hangar

(or Why moving offices can be fun)

  There has been very little refit work done over the past two weeks as I've been shifting the location of my facility (aka office).  Acquiring a much larger space for hobby work in the house has been awesome, but digging a ton of crap out of a closet and a few bookshelves has left me more than a lot to go through and DISCARD!
   However, there are always funny things that you find when digging through papers that should have been pitched YEARS ago.

  While digging through some old college papers and random junk, I came across the following gem:
Yep, that is a photocopy of the appropriate rule pages to play and to build basic units/vehicles, PLUS one of my first army lists.  This was probably from my first year at college (1989), before I had acquired a significant number of my Games Workshop minis, and I was borrowing figures from a friend who had a fairly detailed Space Marine army, to include a Mk 1 Land Raider... which explains why I've been searching for one of those ever since getting back into the hobby!
   Anyway, I hope this nostalgic side trip at least provides you a laugh, or more importantly you are probably wondering how much other USELESS game-related crap I've thrown out in this move, but TRUST ME, you don't want to know the answer to that!