Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Rehab addict's bag of tricks

(or how I learned to stop worrying love the bits bag)

Ever scratchbuilder / kitbasher / rehab-er has had that moment of sad realization... if only I had ONE MORE WIDGET, then this project would be complete!
  Thankfully I've been lucky on eBay with finds like the one below:

  This was pretty much a gold mine.  For $20 with shipping, I managed to score enough fodder for years worth of projects!  I am continually going back to this pile to see if I have just the right bit to make a customization work.  Once again I was pleasantly surprised this weekend as I started fooling with my latest project, a Land Speed Storm and a StormTalon that I picked up off of eBay.

As I dug through the Space Marine codex to see what the weapon options were for the Land Speeder Storm, I feared that I wouldn't have the right parts.  I knew I had a lot of extra sponson weapons from various Land Raider and Predator kits, but I forgot that there were quite a few Land Speeder bits in there.  Since the model shipped with no crew and no weapons (other than the underslung Cerebus missile launcher), I was looking for at least an assault cannon (which I knew I had plenty of), a heavy bolter (same) and a multi-melta (which I thought I would have to convert from a Land Raider mount).  Well look what I found:

Sure enough, there were enough weapons and bits to make all of the options for the Land Speeder Storm, plus a couple of extra bits to help me make a custom pintle mount for the weapon. (that curved bar mount IS kinda stupid!)  Anyway, the actual mounting of the weapons and the finishing of the model will be the subejct of another post, especially since I have a long way to go on getting this one ready!