Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rogue Trader Land Raider Conversion - Part 2

(why I hate priming in the south during the summer!)

   It has been a busy few months with work, so progress has been slow on the RT-era Land Raider.  Lots of trimming, sanding and filling, to get it ready to prime.  I also had to prep all of the magnetized conversion parts for the modifications to make it a stand-in for a Spartan.

I rebuilt the side sponsons for the lascannons, as the plastic arms had broken off long ago and the former owner had replaced them with metal pins. A few rolls of greenstuff strategically placed with magnets replaced the pins perfectly and gave me the option for weapon upgrades later.  Yes, I am planning on running an old-school conversion to a LR Crusader at some point! Plus with the hull conversion for the Spartan mod, I would need to upgrade the twin lascannons to quads.

I've installed a custom engine at the back of the Land Raider, using the "Tank Engine" from Blood and Skulls Industries.  I love their work, the prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent. A few more magnets for the optional forward assault ramp (in case it has to stand in for a current Land Raider), and a magnetic mount for the pintle weapon rounded out this battery of conversions.  With all of that complete and the model temporarily tacked together, I figured it might be time to see what she looks like with the front-hull add-on for the Spartan conversion.

Of course the humidity down here in the South in the middle of Summer gave me a less than perfect prime coat, but overall I can't complain with the quality of the rebuild. So now that she is primed, it is time to fit the last of the conversion parts and start painting!