Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rogue Trader Land Raider Conversion - Part 1

(or why less glue is BETTER!)

   I hope the rest of you modelers take the following under advisement:
   "You may not always be the owner of your recently completed model.  Please, for the rest of us that inherit your used models, STOP USING TOO MUCH GLUE!
   Since spending two weeks in the paint stripper, my Rogue Trader Land Raider has been turned into a nearly new model.

 Now, I must say, some of the panels and doors have separated easily from the model.  Others... not so much!  So now I will include my plea for all modelers out there - "Please USE LESS GLUE!  Those who come after you will appreciate it!"  That being said, I appreciate models that will not fall apart on the gaming table, but at the same time, when I have to spend a few hours cutting and prying, I'm concerned that TOO MUCH glue has been used to assemble the models.
   Thankfully this one came apart with only two areas of cutting and prying, creating minor damage overall.  (that's what Greenstuff and sandpaper are for, kids!)

Now it is time to figure out just how I want to rebuild this.  I'm leaning towards magnetizing the old RT-style Lascannon sponsons, so I can keep the retro look, while making a set of "current-era" sponsons for it... Similar to THIS ONE over at Mordian 7th. we'll just have to see what falls out of the bits box today!