Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Month 4 - and it begins!

(or WAIT, what happened to Month 3??)

Okay, so I did take 2 months to do my Imperial Knight, but the parts for Knight #2 arrived today from the crew at +TheWarStore.com .  Time to get to work!

I thought I'd be turning to on getting the last of the custom decal work done on the first Knight, but I'm still learning... the hard way!  Apparently I needed to "research" how to use these inkjet decal sheets, and if I'd done so, I would have ordered the OTHER components I needed to seal the decals, etc. Time to go back to the web!
   I did pick up a can of Army Painter Crystal Blue to see if I could speed up the basecoating of the knight's carapace.  This may become an exercise in frustration, but I'm still holding off on the airbrush purchase!
  So, if you notice, a lot of the decal work is done on the first Knight, and I'll have that post up in the next few days, but between work, upcoming trips, and planning a photography workshop, we have hit crunch time!  I even "cheated" and pre-assembled parts of the Hunter/Stalker kit while waiting on the decal paper and Knight #2. I also threw the metal bikers into the paint stripper, so by the time I get to them in a week or so, they should be good and clean!