Sunday, March 22, 2015

Month 4 - Imperial Knight #2

(want to know what failure looks like?)

Okay, so it isn't the end of Month 4 yet... but I know I'll be traveling and will be too busy to make any more progress until April!  I am pretty frustrated with coming up short on this.

   I pushed to get as much done as possible on Knight #2.  Using the Army Painter Crystal Blue as the Primer and basecoat for the armor plates worked pretty well.  The Crystal Blue is a little lighter than the Lagoon Blue that I paint on, but I think it will make for a much better base than the generic white primer.  I threw a bit more AP Gunmetal Grey on the Knight's frame so that it would take the Blue Tone better than on Knight #1.
   At least I made progress on making a base that was distinct from the first one.  Rather than being a collection of random debris, I attempted to make it look like the Knight was walking through ruins that were recognizable as a structure. (or what was left of one!)  I forgot how much I hated pavers, and laying them in miniature isn't any more fun.  The bricks went on fairly simply, but as the glue-and-water mix dried, some of them shifted a bit.  Not too big of a deal, as it is still supposed to be a ruin, not a perfectly laid-out walkway!

Overall, I made a lot of progress in a week's worth of work on the Knight, just not enough to get me back on timeline.  April and May will be crunch time, but I've got 10 bikers and a Stalker to complete before 1 June!  Time to focus on work for the next 3 weeks, but after that it will be the push to the end of the Competition!