Wednesday, September 09, 2015

More great blogs!

(I haven't found the end of the internet... yet!)

The funny thing about the Internet is, just about the time I'm running out of inspiration or am growing tired of seeing the SAME conversions fed to me by Google, I run across a great blog that I just have to share.  Lately, the meme below has summarized how I feel about much of the Warhammer community (40k and AoS).

If I were to re-purpose it, I'd have it say:

 "Dave, put your sword away, we're trying to play a game here!"
Okay, so you've heard me rail against those that I shall chose to call the "40k Fluff Orthodoxy".  Guys, this is a game.
  Set in a fictional universe.
   We play it to have fun.
    It isn't a matter of orthodoxy.
     My 40k universe can be different than yours.
      It's okay.
       Nobody is going to come and take your models away.

Now, some of the guys that make me laugh the most are those that spend the majority of the game arguing about the orthodoxy of your fluff, or your insignia, or just how your army wouldn't really exist in the 40k universe.  I'd rather they just argued over how I roll the dice and whether it should be an underhand pitch or an overhand drop to ensure randomness!

One of my wonderful finds this week was this blog:

It isn't just his cool conversions, but his 3-part discussion about 40 Myth-busting that made me happiest.  You should go read it from the beginning, as it provides examples throughout the 40k fluff that counter some of the "everything-is-super-dark-and-gothic", or even some of the best-held myths about Xenos and the Imperium.
End result:
 a three part treatise for it being YOUR game.  
YOUR story
YOUR fluff

For me, that is what drew me to the old Rogue Trader rules years ago.  A miniatures wargame with an element of role-playing.

Okay, enough of the philosophical diatribe.

If you haven't already checked his site out, please go look at +Paul Ward and his site Matakishi's Tea House.
From great terrain ideas to inspiration for paint schemes, I'm seriously indebted to Paul for providing me a boost when I was floundering between projects with a lot of plastic and resin sitting in bins.  Taking a break from those bins to just have fun and build terrain re-energized me and has brought the fun back into laying out the battlefield for a 40k game.

And the last site, while a commercial storefront, has kept me motivated to look atand design terrain that isn't just a gothic stone facade with crumbling walls.
I'm in love with their Art Deco buildings and just can't wait to find an excuse to order some, soon.  (of course only to hack them up and turn several into ruins!) The Fyfe and Mohawk Magnetowers are just going to have to be early Christmas gifts to myself this year...

I hope these sites provide you a bit of inspiration and thought-provoking internet surfing... or at least help you kill some time that would otherwise be taken up with reading the latest vitriolic outburst against AoS or the 40k release schedule!