Saturday, September 26, 2015

Busy, busy!

(really, I DO have something to do besides blog!)

Sorry for the long break between posts, I've actually been really busy!
I did manage to get three of the tall grass bases assembled and painted.

That leaves me 3 more bases to go, but it will be a few weeks until I get back into the 40k terrain building flow as I've got lots of travel coming up. It has been good to be busy, as the OTHER half of my creative life, my aviation photography business, has been doing well.  The 3G Aviation Media photography workshop at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend was a big success and a lot of fun too!

So, I don't have much to post this week, but I figured that I'd leave you with a few images of how the three grass bases worked out.

(yes, I still have some Devastator Marines to paint...)

See you in a few weeks!