Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Urban Terrain project

(or Why do we have to go visit the city? I hate it there!)

Not much of my terrain has been in the classic gothic grey tones of the grim-dark that dominates the 40k hobby.

I guess I gave in during a moment of weakness.

First urban ruin completed
A small WIP post follows:

Similar to my other terrain, the base is a CD-ROM, spray painted grey to give the glue and paint something to adhere to.  To the grey CD, I added cork walls, cork debris and a mix of basing sands.  (I made sure this time to not put a lot of sand OVER the cork debris, but to leave it intact as wall shards.)

This terrain piece then took a four color scheme.

  1. Flat Black Spray paint. (cheap Valspar variety)
  2. Drybrush with Dark Granite (Craft Paint)
  3. Drybrush with Pewter Grey (Craft Paint)
  4. Drybrush with Dove Grey (Craft Paint)
The buildup of shades can be seen below

Four shades of paint on the ruined wall 
Overall, I'm happy with the piece, even though I'm not convinced that they last color, the Dove Grey is right for it.  Maybe I just put too much on, instead of just hitting the edges.  We will have to see with time! (as I'm not a fan of the Gothic Grey look anyway!)  It looks fine in the photo below, but seems a bit bright in real life.

At least this piece provided me a bit of distraction from a sea of brown and khaki desert terrain.  I've got to keep changing it up so I don't get into too much of a rut!