Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday modeling

(or what I did NOT get done over the holidays!)

   With the end of the Holidays approaching fast, I've realized that I have not spent nearly enough time on my models!  Of course the reality is that I spent time with family and friends which is MUCH more important, but somehow it doesn't make me feel any better about the closet of plastic and resin that I am working myself through!

   I think I've accounted for at least where MOST of the miniatures out of the Betrayal at Calth set will go, but just because I have a plan doesn't mean it will survive!

  • 5 of the Mk IV will be armed with Kromlech Combi-Grav weapons
  • 3 of the Mk IV will use the combi-weapons in the BaC box
  • 3 Phobos Pattern missile launchers will be put on Mk 6 bodies (I HATE 40k Missile launchers)
  • 3 Mk IV will be built with 30k Heavy Bolters (for Imperial Fists)
  • 3 Mk IV Sgts will be built as 40k Veteran Sergeants
  • 3 Mk IV Special weapons Marines will be built for 40k Sternguard
  That leaves a baker's dozen of Mk IV suits that I can use to build out veteran units or 30k Imperial Fists. (not that I don't have a series of Mk III suits still in the blister!)
   Still not 100% sure on the heroes and the Terminators, but the Contemptor is ABSOLUTELY being pulled into my 40k army. (Twin Kheres assault cannons and Helical Targeting array, anyone?)

  We will see where the days AFTER New Years leave me, as I hope to be able to focus on the models during that weekend. (but I'm sure life will get in the way!)  Either way, the sooner I get through this kit, the sooner I get on to ordering ANOTHER BaC box to fill in a few more gaps.

 (does that mean I have a problem?? ) 

In all fairness to my friend Chris who has the Addicted to Resin blog, he has a lot of down time between semesters, so he can afford to give into the modeling bug!  Pretty sweet close combat Contemptor, even for a heretic!