Thursday, December 31, 2015

Holiday progress

(or Primering is progress, right??)

Betrayal at Calth miniatures WIP
Okay, so at least ONE of my models has more than just primer on him, but my lack of progress is frustrating!

   I am really enjoying the Mk IV armor from BaC, especially as the build/conversion process with plastic is significantly faster. (and with less fear of shattered resin)  The weapons from Kromlech and Spellcrow are a good match for the Mk IV armor as well.  It took a while yesterday to drill and pin all of the hands for just ONE special weapon Marine, but I now have a Mk IV mini with interchangeable special weapons.  The Grav-gun from Spellcrow is a great fit for the size of the kit, with the only requirement being the salvaging of a hand from a bolter, which is not a bad tradeoff in my book.

   Well back to modeling in a vain attempt to get more done before I have to return to work after the New Year's holiday!