Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Primaris and current chapters

Let's be honest... all of us Space Marine players are in awe of the Primaris Marines and what it can mean...  Closer to True-scale??  Yes, please!

Primaris Smurfs, FTW!

The real problem for me is that I am stuck in the Rogue Trader Mk 6 era.

I have built my custom chapter's fluff and story around the Mk 6 armor that first brought me into Warhammer 40k, during the Rogue Trader era.  I had kept with that look, even when the crouched Space Marines became the "not-really-transhuman-sized" Marines and I totally avoided Mk 7 armor for my army.

 Well, now that is all going out the window with the Primaris Marines.  You see, I've taken the snide remarks from younger players (i.e. 3rd edition and later), who look at my Rogue Trader Land Raider and say "wow, so small - isn't it just cute?"   And let's not even get to the comments about the Rogue Trader Mk 6 armored Marines who are shorter than current Imperial Guardsmen.  (Yes, my Space Marines must have a Napoleon complex these days.)

  My point is, that I think the size of the Primaris Marines will become the de-facto standard eventually.  In an effort to "future-proof" whatever I do, I'm left with two choices:

  1. Build my Primaris Marines as Imperial Fists so that when the shift to "Primaris Scale" happens, I don't have to put my whole army on the shelf
  2. Build a new chapter with custom fluff using Primaris Marines - so I at least get to paint something unique from every OTHER Space Marine player - and future-proof my army for the shift to "Primaris Scale"
What do the rest of you think?  First Founding chapter, or something new??  (or do I just make the Primaris Marines a part of my current Green Templar's chapter - even though they are Mk 6-based Space Marines?)