Friday, July 18, 2014

Back to work!

So, I've been VERY remiss with the lack of updates here for the last 6 months!  OOPS!  Between changing jobs, running photography workshops and generally goofing off, I have been rather delinquent in posting what is new with my 40k modeling.  Not much has been completed, but a lot is "IN PROGRESS".

   I've spent a lot of time working on my Inquisitorial warband and between learning new techniques, changing the paint scheme and some messy greenstuff work that I forgot to clean up before painting, they are still NOT COMPLETE!

  The two different paint schemes for the warband only differed in the undercoat that was drybrushed over the black primer.  The mini on the left used an "Antique Copper" drybrush while the one on the left was just a pure "Gunmetal".  I put 2-3 coats of Army Painter Red Wash over the top of the drybrush coat to achieve the red (or purple) tint. 
The shoulder pads are the same technique, just with an "Aged Gold" drybrush undercoating.  Other than the random blobs of greenstuff that I forgot to trim and replace (OOPS!), I think they turned out half-decent.  Now to just get around to basing them and we'll be closer to a COMPLETE warband.  

  Next up is the Ordo Machinum Inquisitor.  Same armor technique but using Gunmetal and Army Painter Blue Wash on the power armor, with gold highlights.  The Conversion Beamer is the add-on kit that used to be available from Chapterhouse Studios, but for some reason I can't find it on their site anymore.  I changed the weapon's configuration just a bit and used an Auspex as a pistol grip/display to link the beamer to the figure.

Basic red drybrush on the black-primered cape, which will need some more highlights added for depth.  Thin blue tint to the Force sword to give it a bit of a sheet but not enough to compete with the blue of the armor.

I'm also really happy with how my Ministorum Priest with Eviscerator turned out.  Yes, that is GW's Blood technical paint on there.  Messy to work with, but the results are great!

Overall, there is still a lot of work to do between basing and touchup on these minis, but I'm feeling like my warband isn't making a little progress.  Now to just repaint the two other power armored acolytes that are purple!