Saturday, July 19, 2014

Here comes the Guard!

Sure, I know they're now called the "Astra Militarum", but they'll always be the Imperial Guard to me!

Well, these guys are nearly Imperial Army, as old as they are!  I've got an entire box of the Rogue Trader Imperial Guard soldiers that I built years ago, painted probably 3 of them and then put them away as life got too busy.  Now they're back on my project table and ready to be completed.

Of course you notice that only one is painted and based... yeah.. completed...

Okay, so I've still got a long way to go on these guys.  And of course I've picked up a bunch more on eBay to fill out the rest of the platoon, so there are yet MORE of them in a mix of primer colors to get ready for their painting.  Oh wait, did I mention that I've got 15 or so metal Rogue Trader era minis in the stripping compound as I type this?  Great plan, Doug.  Good thing I've got a lot of the paints that go into this paint scheme!