Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not a refit, but...

Well look what the monthly resupply brought us!

I realize that this isn't a picture of old Rogue Trader miniatures, but it is a new project to add to the list!

  Now I just have to wait for my weapons from Anvil Industry, and for the box o' heads from Mad Robot Miniatures!  Sorry Dreamforge, I just don't like the MG-42 as a rifle!  (but don't worry, I have a plan for all of those bits so they don't go to waste)
  I've been really impressed with Anvil Industry's weapons, as I've used their "Double Tap Carbine" on my henchmen as a Stormbolter.  The quality of the mold is very high, and they are easy to clean up and paint. (well as easy as any individual weapon is to paint!)
Double Tap Carbine from Anvil Industry
I also have a pack of their"Lance Carbine" for my sternguard (who haven't even been assembled!)
Lance Carbine from Anvil Industry
Once again, the molds are awesome, I'm just not sure how I'm going to prime and paint all of the weapons options once I get them magnetized!  (but that is the subject of another blog for a later day!)

So, back to the reason I picked up the Eisenkern figures is that I've been looking for carapace armored troops to build up veteran grenadier squads. While I kinda like the look of the new Scions plastic figures, they are Scions, not veterans.  Not wanting to anger the Fluff Gods by mixing the two, I figured that I had a perfect opportunity to pick up some third-party figures and build up some test minis.  Soooo, once the weapons and heads show up, I guess I'll have a few weekends of building torsos and blue-tacking a variety of head options on!