Sunday, August 10, 2014

3D-printed Knight

Instructions, who needs them?

   While I am very appreciative of the retirement gift from one of my fellow WH40K modelers, I am now figuring out one of the more frustrating parts of using 3D printed models.  THERE ARE NO PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS!!

Thankfully, the model designer left some basic instructions over at Thingverse or else I would be royally screwed!

   While this project will no doubt be an exercise in frustration, it is kind of cool to dabble with the 3D printed models, even if the finish and fit isn't as exacting as a commercially produced kit.  Plus is is a perfect excuse to work on some of my scratchbuilding skills to add detail where there is little.  Especially on this Knight's bigger brother:

Yeah, that's right.  In case you can't tell that is a Bag o' Titan there.  One Warhound Titan via 3D printing.  Dear God, I'm going to be in rivet-detailing hell with that one!  But, before I get there, I'll have to complete the Knight, so as a bit of practice, I drug out and dusted off one of my old Epic Knights to practice the paint scheme on.  While there is no logos or detailing, at least the basic colors below should work for my Knights, with individual houses getting their own logo/accent colors.

Now to just build the damn thing...