Sunday, August 10, 2014

More Salvaged IG

How many times can you play an unpainted army based with Blue-Tac?

   I'm not proud to say it, but these guys are at least primed after the last three games I used them in!  Pretty embarrassing to have your Kasrkin fall over when the Blue-Tac holding them to their base gives way.

   At least as the image above shows, I've got them attached to their bases in a more permanent fashion and (gasp) a test model nearly finished.  The base will be similar to the ones that I used for my test model of the Epic-scale Imperial Knights.  While I realize that I need to finish the edge detailing and go back over some of the areas where the heaviest washes are, I think for a quick test paint, he turned out pretty nice.

Hopefully I'll get him and the rest of his Kasrkin buddies complete before the next time I need to use them in my Inquisitorial warband... (but my track record isn't promising!!)