Monday, August 11, 2014

Pre-Heresy Rhino pt 1

(What is one more modular Rhino... really...)

    Before I've completed EITHER of my modular Rhinos that are based on the "current" GW Rhino kit, I managed to get sidetracked.  You see, after buying the old-school Predator Annihilator on eBay, I start to wonder - "Just what is out there on eBay from the Rogue Trader days?"  Of course I justify this with the statement - "Oh, it is just an innocent little search..."  and two more kits later, I'm building another modular Rhino, this one based on a Rogue Trader era frame.

   This frame came equipped as a Las-Plas Razorback, a kit that (believe it or not) I didn't currently have in my army.
After removing the mounting plate and the turret, I set to cleaning up this model as the current black coat wasn't painted on too poorly and would be a good base for my eventual repainting of the vehicle.
    I realize it is heresy to some of you to clip off the old broken railing that went around the hull of the Razorback, but it was broken in several spots and didn't add anything to the overall look.  Several cuts later, a few decal scrapes and an overall good dusting, I now have at least a usable black-primered Rhino frame!  A little work to magnetize the back hull and this Rhino will be ready for a basic paint job.

 What was the second vehicle I picked up, you say?  Second vehicle?  Did I slip and mention that one?
   The second kit was actually a disassembled old-school Rhino with the Whirlwind launcher kit minus a few extras like the radar dish.  I won't bore you with the pictures of a bag of stripped down Rhino parts, but I should be primering the Whirlwind launcher once I decide how to greenstuff a Mk-6 head onto that dreadful Mk-7 cockpit!