Saturday, January 17, 2015

Month 1 - Storm Talon pt 2

(Holy crap am I behind!!)

   I am sticking to the excuse that the holidays conspired against my model painting progress, at least for the Month of December.  The project for month 1 is still not complete. I had managed to spray a green basecoat with primer, so the model was ready and waiting for the rest of the paint job, which kept getting pushed off due to all the other demands on my time.

   During the first part of January I at least managed to get a few coats of the Boring Green on, along with a few coats of white on the cockpit surround.

  A little bit of detail work as well with the spinners on the engines, the fan blades and the exhausts made me feel better about the lack of work I had done on the hull. All of the silver parts were in AP Gunmetal Grey with an AP Dark Tone wash.  The assault cannon got a quick hit of the same treatment to make it at least look better than a bland, silver pair of guns!  Of course I swore that I took photos of the progress, but as I sit here in Los Angeles, I can't find the images.

  The aircraft still needs two washes, one of Vallejo Jade Green to give it the aqua tint, and the AP Soft Tone to fill in the detail. Of course I still have to finish the base too, and I haven't decided on what to add to it for detail.

  At least I had a chance to use the Storm Talon and its stable-mate, my eBay Storm Talon in a game after the Christmas holiday!  Several of the images from that game are below, and of note, the newly painted Storm Talon survived until the end of the game, much to my surprise!