Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 Already?

(Now where did I put that blog, again??)

   As I expected, the holidays CRUSHED my hobby productivity worse than a unit of Kroot in close combat with an Imperial Knight!   I knew this was coming, so you would think I had planned ahead and prepared for it... NOPE!

   So , looking back on 2014, it was a great year, both for modeling skill improvements and for the acquisition of new models.... how was it on the painting side?  TERRIBLE!  Well, that isn't entirely true as I finally refined my paint scheme, saw it applied to a few models from scratch, and applied some new techniques to an army at its inception.  As for my blogging, I'm just happy I kicked out at least one post a week for the last quarter of the year (when I became serious about documenting things), and I'm hoping to continue the habit pattern over on my photography blog for Fox-3 Photography.

    Enough of reflecting on the past and hoping for the future, it is time to get back to modeling!  Thanks to all of you who have viewed this blog (and come back more than once) and especially to those who have commented.  It is great to interact with the 40k community without making the hour-long trek to my FLGS in Savannah!