Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hobby Budget Challenge - Plan changes

(or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love eBay)

Once again, eBay to the rescue!

So, with that, I need to update my April financial numbers

The Bike squads cost me $21 and $15 each, shipping included.  So my new April and May numbers are below:


    Fund Roll-over: $50
    Monthly budget: $75 
    Funds available: $125

  1. Space Marine Bikes (3) $ 15
  2. Space Marine Bikes (3) $ 21
  3. Space Marine Bikes (3) $ 40
    Funds Remaining: $49


    Fund Roll-over: $49
    Monthly budget: $75 
    Funds available: $124

  1. Hunter / Stalker kit $65
  2. Scibor Templar shoulder pads $7
    Funds Remaining: $ 52

The fact that I now have more money remaining at the end is good, as I'll need to pick up some more bits to convert the bikes I just bought!

  The toughest decision is how far to go with these metal figures.  I can use the two sergeants as is, but I'll have to decide if I want to cut the Mk-7 helmets off of the other bikers and replace them with Mk6 beakies!  At least I have my special weapons bikers taken care of, so that is one less set of bits that I have to steal from my Space Marine Tacticals box!
  Well back to painting the Knight titan for me.  That decision will have to wait until April, as I've got another Knight waiting in the wings for me to finish the one I'm working on!