Friday, February 27, 2015

Month 2 - Imperial Knight #1 pt 5

(or I'm REALLY behind, and I know it... and LOVE it!)

So, it is time to turn to on the base for the first Imperial Knight.  As you can see, I basecoated the entire thing in a light brown. (and yes, it was a Krylon spray can... HERESY!)

   The first task was to darken the pillars, and bring out the detail in the resin fragments.  The columns are from Secret Weapon Miniatures and it is their "Broken Doric Columns" set. Using a heavy coat of AP Strong Tone on these items brought out enough of the detail and set the columns apart from the rest of the sand and gravel on the base.  A quick coat of the statue head in Antique Copper (yes, a craft paint) and some AP Gunmetal on the girders and the base was ready for shading.

Once that was done, it was time to shade and weather the components of the base.  AP Red Tone on the statue head was the first step in darkening the copper for an aged look.  I hit the bricks with some AP Strong Tone to weather them as well.  AP Dark Tone went onto the girders to darken them up and knock down some of the Gunmetal coloring.

The next step was to deepen the range of tones on the columns by hitting them with a drybrush of a lighter shade, this time it was once again a craft paint (Camel) and that was also applied across the base on the gravel and across the bricks for a "weathering" look.

Here are two closeups of the pillars and bricks to show the detail.

 Then the statue was hit with a two light coats of AP Dark Tone, in an effort to get just the right depth to the statue while not totally destroying the reddish-copper tone.

The last part of this was the most fun to watch.  I used GW's Nihilakh Oxide to provide the last bit of weathering to the statue.  My recommendation is apply it in small patches and be ready with a shop towel to IMMEDIATELY sponge off any excess.  This became an issue when the technical paint pooled too much in the eyes of the statue, and so I had to rub off a bit of the previous coat and re-apply the technical paint in the right amount.

So here is the final look with the as-yet-unfinished Knight Titan legs. What do you think?