Saturday, February 04, 2017

30k Imperial Fists - Breachers

(or Thank God for Black... I may not lose my mind, yet!)

Breacher sample part way through painting

My breachers are getting closer.  The test model took a while longer to paint than I expected.  Here is a quick overview of the colors and plans


  • AP Flat Black Spray Primer / Basecoat
  • AP Gunmetal heavy drybrush
  • AP Dark Tone wask - 2 heavy coats
  • AP Weapon Bronze - chest details
Rest of Model:
  • AP Daemonic Yellow Spray Primer / Basecoat
  • AP Gunmetal - Bolter
  • Custom wash - 3 parts AP Soft Tone & 2 parts AP Red Tone
  • Copper edging - Craft Copper paint (still the best, smoothest 2-coat copper I have)
  • AP Pure Red - Lenses
There is still a lot of work to do on each of them, but this at least gets the breacher unit to a table ready status with a paint job that I won't be ashamed to field at Adepticon later this year!

Semi-finished Breacher - minus decals and base touchups

Comments and critiques are always welcome!