Thursday, June 29, 2017

Weekend plans - SHOT!

(or What was I thinking when I ordered ANOTHER box of miniatures?)

Well, there goes the weekend...
Here are my thoughts after unboxing and assembling the first of what will undoubtedly be a LOT of Primaris Marines.

First off, I love the amount of detail in the miniatures.  This is certainly light-years ahead of where we were with out previous plastic "easy to assemble" kits.
Second, I'm already in love with the size of the miniature - it really makes the Marines seem trans-human as they are so much larger than a Guardsman.

But here are a few funny observations:
Haven't we found a better sprue attachment point than the spherical vents on the Space Marine backpack?  After 10,000 years??
(minor gripe I know..)

Mold lines in the MIDDLE of the shoulder pads?? HERESY!!
(okay, another minor grip - it is an "easy to assemble" mini!)

Overall, I'm really happy so far with a whopping one and a half miniatures assembled - more to follow later in the week!