Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pre-Heresy Rhino pt 2

Other than painting the model halfway and rebuilding the twin-plas/Las, I haven't done much to modify my pre-heresy Rhino/Razorback kit.  I was going to be running it as a proxy for a Stalker, which was embedded with my Vindicators and Predator.  The Pre-heresy Predator had the cool old-school dozer blade and I wanted to retrofit that to my Rhino.

  I did not have the support bracket that replaced the "cattle catcher" when a Rhino upgraded to a dozer blade, and I didn't want to remove the current parts.

   So, a few sections of sprue, a part from a Vindicator and several magnets, I had a halfway decent solution!

   Add a little Green Stuff to make a mount for the magnets, along with a thin strip to get the Dozer blade set at the right angle...

   It took more sprue and Green stuff than I expected, but in the end, it gave me the ability to add the dozer blade back to my Rogue Trader Rhino/RB frame.  Those Dozer blades and Siege shields sure come in handy with the amount of terrain I usually face in my non-tournament games!  Now to just get the painting completed!