Saturday, December 06, 2014

Updates are slow here!

Bear with me on the slower updates please!  (the holidays ARE taking a toll on my free time.)

I did manage to paint the main components of the Mantic Landing Pad terrain.  I chose to try two different paint colors, both using regular store-bought Krylon paints.

  The upper ramparts / defense line components I painted one color, while the walls/floors I painted in a reversible pattern, so that I could maximize the amount of terrain I could build for a particular theme.  The two paints I used were Pebble and Red Oxide.  Both paints gave me a good, flat coat to use washes and any other "enhancements" on.

  The Red Oxide color came out perfectly for my AdMech-themed buildings, I just now need to get some cables, mechanical add-ons and scatterable mini-terrain to make it look more gothic. (I think some eBay bits orders will help out there!)

   The Pebble color works well, too.  I'm not sure how it will stand up to the washing and weathering, but I'll just have to experiment with a few panels.  Speaking of weathering, some GW Technical paints and Tamiya weathering powders are in the mail to me, so once I get a chance to experiment with those, I'll post the results. (hopefully soon!)

   The panels were easy to get a good spray coat onto, even with the wind kicking up a bit during the process.  The only labor-intensive part was prepping for the second color on the opposite side.  A little painters tape and some creative positioning of the panels so as to minimize over-spray, and the results turned out better than I expected.

   Next on the painting block are the connectors and the pylons for the "overhang" panels.  The pylons will be a dull silver and I think I'll do the connectors mostly in the Red Oxide, as it provides a nice contrast on the Pebble-colored panels.  I'm sure I'll keep some connectors out to be painted in the Pebble, just in case I want all-light-colored walls, but we'll just have to see in my next post how all of those turn out!