Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Month 1 - Storm Talon pt1

Well, the building has started!  Good thing that I've got a quick project for this month that is full of distractions from 40k!

Now to see what I can finish on a night I was supposed to be Christmas shopping!

I know I'll only be able to knock out the major sub-assemblies before having to wait for tomorrow when the temps come up to get it primed.

I'll have to do a little work on the Space Marine pilot, to get the armor to look more Mk6 with some greenstuff on the knees to "erase" the kneepad portion.  I've already chopped the Dark Angels icons off of the Mk6 helmet, which in this photo needed a little bit more sanding to be smooth! (mere details).  I am debating on whether or not to put a chapter specific shoulder plate on him as I won't buy those until the last month.  I guess I can just blue-tac a generic plate in place once I get the cockpit primed and painted.  I can tell that the biggest hurdle to getting this model put together will be priming all of the sub-assemblies prior to final assembly!  As it stands now, I think I'll be using Grey Army Painter primer on this guy as I don't want to have to paint too many coats of the Boring Green over the top of the primer.  (I still haven't found a basecoat primer that I like...)

The main body assembly went together easily, which I wasn't sure about as this was my first Storm Talon build.  (The one currently in my army is an eBay purchase.) Engine pods were pretty simple too.  The detail-oriented modeler in me wondered what I could do with the bypass door on the bottom of the engine nacelles that was just screaming to be linked to the engine rotation mechanism. (but that will be a conversion for another day... when I'm not on a time limit AND a budget!)

All of the sub-assemblies, minus the weapons pods, as those will need some magnetization.  

Now to wait for the temperature to come back up tomorrow AM so the priming can begin!