Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Month 1 - Storm Talon - In Battle

(You mean I'm supposed to finish it before I use it?)

   True to form, I did not get the Storm Talon base-coated before I needed to use it in last weekend's game!

   So yes, it did make an appearance to help pummel the devastator squad that was trying to threaten my Vindicators.  As expected, my opponent's Raptor Gunship arrived during his turn and proceeded to make quick work of the unpainted Storm Talon!  Not much is more embarrassing than being killed by a Raptor that is little more than a hull on a flying base!  (His model arrived 2 days before our game and he was lucky to at least get the hull done.)

   I also managed to bring out the Mantic terrain in the battle, even though NOBODY actually occupied the platforms I built on either end of the board!  The two-sided paint scheme worked well, with the exception of the two battlement sections that I hadn't painted yet.  OOPS!

   It took me about 15 minutes to put the two platforms together, and that was with time spent cutting more connectors off of the sprue.  The terrain went together very well, and true to form, I broke one connector on teardown.  Now, if you are playing multiple times per week, I get that this would be a very BIG negative for you.  For me, I'm lucky if I get in one good game a month, so I think I can float 12 connectors over the coming year!

   I won't bore you with a battle report for the game, but taking the field with a win of 9 VPs to 5, I'm pretty happy with how my army did. My opponent had some terrible luck with his Furioso dreads, as he couldn't hit anything with the Magna Grapples and his Meltagun kept missing.  In the end, my armor wore down his units and he just couldn't control enough Objectives to make up the VP deficit that he was under.

Exterminatus this, BITCH!