Saturday, December 13, 2014

Space Marine Army

(or the lack of progress on...)

   Ok, so 14 hours until I play my next game of 40k, and I am behind!

   Well at least SOME of the models are sort-of put together!!  I'm starting to regret my purchase of just the StormTalon for this month's installment of the FTGT Hobby Challenge, as I would rather NOT have to proxy my Hunter/Stalker with an old Rogue Trader Whirlwind!  (boy are those pewter crayons intimidating!)  I manged to put together the second Vindicator add-on for my modular Rhino, but it is just screaming for a coat of primer, as it the StormTalon. (hey, I got around to priming the cockpit interior!)
   My twin-linked Lascannon turret for the Rogue Trader Predator is done, just awaiting a pintle-mount hatch.  I think I have one somewhere here... now where did I put all of those hatch sprues?
  Anyway, enough typing on this blog post, I've got to get back to assembling and painting!