Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Crops and Fields WIP

(crazy ideas with a welcome mat!)

Several people have asked for a detailed tutorial of how I am going to build up these 28mm fields. (Well that ISN'T this post!!)

  The first thing I'll say is that you do NOT have to go to the level I am headed towards in order to make these fields usable.  In fact, they are pretty darn good once you cut them out of the mat and sort out the black stripes!

Two quick examples from other blogs that did just that.

The folks over at WWPD put up a good article covering several different methods all at once:
Carl over at +Studio Dropship   has info on his previous blog -  Dropship Studio  - concentrated a bit more on the use of coir matting and the proper edging, thereof:
 (and his web address is now at Studio Dropship for his latest content)

But what I am really looking for is a mix of what they have above, with the irrigation ditches of this scenery builder:

Dougie over at Dougie's Wargaming Blog has a great setup that I just want to tweak slightly for 28mm figures:
So here is my two-step plan:

  • Step 1 - Build 6"x6" panels of crops
    • Solid field of crops with green flock on the edging
    • Field of row crops mounted to hardboard - probably 3/4" strips to scale
  • Step 2 - Build irrigation ditch boards
    • 12"x12" inside dimensions for 4 crop panels to fit inside
This way should give me the ability to use the fields in games fairly quickly after Step 1, but then give me the desert look I want after Step 2.  Why don't I want to build 6x6 irrigation panels?  Because I need to make the fields big enough that units won't just move around them, and large enough to hide some blob units.  If I want fields with a lot of high-speed avenues-of-approach, I'll just use them without the ditches.
   So now off to trim out the 6x6 panels from the haul in the image at the start of this post...