Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It takes a village

(or how do I keep getting sidetracked from building models?)

Just a quick update on a completed part of a much larger WIP.

No, the Marines aren't the subject of this post... but they add some color!

In between trying to get my Devastators where I want them, I've been trying out +Paul Ward's techniques for terrain built from cork.  Go check out his buildings and templates here:

I already have some desert hills I've built up previously in my terrain kit, so I decided to start building out a village using his plans for his Afghan Buildings.  He's obviously far more talented and detail oriented than I am, so his buildings look amazing, and mine will pass for table-ready!

I made a few modifications to his plans to change some asthetics, but overall I'm happy with how the building turned out.  As I build up the rest of them I'll put up a more detailed post. (hopefully with straighter cuts and better drybrushing!)  The colors I used are the three craft paints below.  Brown Oxide is becoming the standard base color for my Space Marine bases, so the terrain should fit in well with them.
3-color set for my future terrain projects
The good news is Brown Oxide is currently available in LARGE 16oz containers so I'll be able to keep up with the demand, I think!
All told, the building took about half of a cork tile, and maybe an hour and a half of work, counting time for the paint to dry.  Not bad if I build up some of these to paint all at once!