Friday, August 07, 2015

Painting the Tacticals

(or Green goes the Tactical Marines...)

Now that I'm fielding the goodness that is Grav guns, I need to stop proxying them with old Rogue Trader models with esoteric weapons.

A straightforward assembly from the new Tacticals box, with a custom shoulder pad from Scibor, and this guy is ready for priming.
The paint job on this guy is a derivative of what I used for my Assault Terminators.  The biggest change is that I've started using a primer/basecoat that is Krylon X2.  Of course I managed to NOT get an image of the model with the Moss Green on him.  OOPS!

I touched up the primer and gave it a thin coat of Minitaire Boring Green. Over that went a bit thicker wash of the Vallejo Jade Green.  This took a while to dry, so it put a bit of a work stoppage as I had to wait before throwing the AP Soft Tone over the top to knock down the brilliance of the Jade Green.

Jade green wash over primer and basecoat

Grav gun was AP Gunmetal with AP Dark Tone over the top.  Glowing grav details were Vallejo Jade Green with Foul Green highlights.  Chest harness was Vallejo Ghost Grey, with a wash of AP Soft Tone followed by Ghost Grey highlights over the top again.  Shoulder pad highlights were in Ghost Grey, Jade Green and a bit of Ancient Copper drybrush. He still needs the edge highlighting done in a lighter green.  I'm not sure Vallejo Foul Green is the right color, but with a thinner and better brush, perhaps they will come out better than the one on my Assault Terminators.  Now to base this guy and get the rest of his compatriots painted up. (which will be the Devastators that I'm nearing completion on!)

A bit out of focus on the shoulder pad, but it still shows the level of detail in the resin parts from Scibor!  I'm really happy with them, other than the fact that each one needs a bit of custom trimming to fit how your Marine's arm is positioned.  But they are excellent casts!