Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Marine Devastators

(or Why I shouldn't be allowed to visit game stores...)

I made the mistake of walking into +Atlantis Games & Comics out on the beach while I was in Norfolk this past week.  I knew better...

Three sprues of Space Marine heavy weapon goodness!
I'm just glad I escaped with my bank account intact!

So if you have nothing better to do and plenty of disposable income, please go visit the good people at +Atlantis Games & Comics .  They are actually a great crowd, and their game selection is top notch.  They nearly had me by placing X-Wing so close to the 40k section, but I managed to leave only with a box of the new Space Marine Devastators.  I still can't believe I showed the restraint to put the Vengeance Battery back ON THE SHELF! (how unlike me!)

Anyway, on to the Marines.

This was the first time I had built up Devastators and magnetized their weapons.  A bit of a learning curve for me.  As you can see below, the Grav Cannon equipped Marine has an extra cable on his left side. The weapon needed extra support that the spindly cables on his right (from the powerpack) just weren't providing.  Getting the left arm into position was also a bit of a frustration, but I'll solve that on the second Grav Cannon in the box.  (and who doesn't love the fact that you get TWO of every heavy weapon!!)
Three of the Devastators and one half-built Sgt
   Adding a few parts from my bits bin led me to realize I had a shortage of targeter-equipped Mk6 heads, so off to my favorite eBay bits seller, Blackdagger Games, who almost always has what I need.  Along the way I burned through a lot of studded shoulder pads as well, and even realized I was short a Mk4 targeter helm for my Sergeant. (poor helmet-less chap is in the image above.)  I also swapped around one of the "permanent" weapons loads as I absolutely HATE the current Marine rocket launchers.  Instead, I gave the kneeling Marine a Lascannon which thankfully means one less interchangeable loadout to build!
   More to come when the rest of the bits arrive on Thursday!