Monday, August 24, 2015

Desert Pipeline - FINISHED!

(See I can finish a project!)

Here is the Counts-as-Promethium-Relay-Pipes. (with a Space Marine for scale)
At least finishing this up gave me a chance to take some in-progress pics for the coloring of the terrain.

The Zagros drybrushing scheme laid bare
So the three chunks of pipeline above give a good idea of how the stages of the drybrushing look.

  The far left is the base color of Brown Oxide, the center has a drybrush coat of Territorial Beige, and the far right has the top drybrush layer of Khaki.

  I certainly am glad that I found craft paints that give me the colors I want because I'm using a LOT of it, especially the Brown Oxide!  One technique I have learned when working with this amount of grit on the base in odd places is to thin the basecoat even more than I would have thought.  It allows me to get into all the cracks on the cork, and the high points are going to be covered in the two lighter colors anyway.
A Marine for scale with the overhead pipe
   I'm still pretty proud of my overhead pipe section that will at least give the same benefits to flamer equipped units, but without the cover save.  How important is that upgrade to you now?? 

   I am happy at how well the AP Gunmetal matched the Hammered Metal spray paint, I'll just have to drop a little AP Dark Tone over my touch ups to blend them in better.

   Now off to get some work done on the Space Marines themselves!