Wednesday, January 25, 2017

30k Imperial Fists - Tacticals

(or What to do with a box of resin?)

Sadly, I've had these Mk III armors for over a year, sitting in a container in the hobby closet, just waiting the right time to get the Imperial Fist paint scheme.

Am I going to paint them up in the same scheme as my 30k Imperial Fist Mk IV squad?


I'm not one who needs a unified scheme for an army.  In fact, by using different patterns of power armor, I kind of feel obligated to paint them at least slightly differently.  But in my case, I know that I am not looking to place these guys on a display board and win any awards with them - so instead I want to paint a wide breadth of Heresy-era Imperial Fists schemes. (At least with the models that I have on hand, now!)

Planned Scheme:
Primer / Basecoat - Army Painter Flat Black
Drybrush - AP Gunmetal
Wash - AP Dark Tone
Shoulders and forearms - AP Daemonic Yellow
Wash - AP Soft tone + Red Tone mix

On the modeling side, I had a few extra torsos and heads, so I've picked up some plastic arms and legs from the Prospero set - and I'm already a bit frustrated with how the legs go together!  I guess I should have glued them in pairs when I received them from my bits re-seller instead of just dumping them into the assembly tray.  OOPS!

Anyhow, more to come this week on these guys as I work to get 10 of them at least built with their Sergeant.