Monday, January 23, 2017

Back from a few month break

(or Once again the rumors of my demise are over stated!)

So there has been a lot of non-hobby work (and play) going on in the past few months since my last 40k blog post.  Photography workshops, work travel and a few vacations to make up for all the work travel to my wife!  Sadly my miniatures have only made it out of the display case a few times, but at least I have managed to get in a game or two along with some modelling in the intervening months.

Flyer carnage in the middle of the battlefield
One of the more fun events was a 14-hour slugfest using modified 40k:Carnage rules for a 4-way fight between Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Tau and the Deathwatch.  I may post more details of the forces involved later, but suffice it to say at one point there were 11 flyers in the game at once!

Prep is ongoing for Adepticon in March (assuming my work travel doesn't create a conflict) and thankfully I'm only participating in small 500-point events, so I don't have too large of an army to bring.  More to come on that army build later this month.

I hope the holidays were enjoyable for everyone and I'm happy to finally have enough breathing room to update you all on my hobby progress!