Saturday, January 28, 2017

Alternative Tech Priest

(or Say, what's in the AoS bits box over there??)

That's right 40k fans - I used an AoS Stormcast Eternal as the base model for my "Alternatively Styled" Tech Priest Dominus!

<insert cries of "Heresy" here>

Well now that we got that out of our system, let's see what I did to build this guy...

The base model was a Stormcast Eternal Liberator with only minor modifications:

  • Removed axe and shield
  • Threw away those God-awful shoulder pads
  • Removed lower part (scales) on tabard

At this point it was ready for the build-up.
  • Added Ad Mech cog bit (from an Imperial Knight) to the belt 
  • Covered over standard Ad Mech center of insignia (I mean this guy ain't from Mars!)
  • Green-stuffed new blocky feet (no pointy-toed Tech Priest here!)
  • Added Anvil Industries bits:
  • Shoulder pads from Puppetswar - Praetorian Type I for "Termos"
  • Repositioning of various bits from Anvil Industries such as scopes, plasma cutters, etc onto the end of the mechanical arms.
I purposely chose a Stormcast Eternal head with big lightning bolts on it to go with some of my other Ad Mech "lightning" insignia. (a decal of which will eventually make it onto the belt cog!)

Paint scheme was the same techniques from my Inquisitors to produce the blue-tinted metal, with gold detail added to the arms and weapons.  The only difference was the use of a darkened AP Pure Red on his volkite blaster.  (something HAD to have a martian red color to it!)  Weapon glow was a mixture of paints built up that I don't really remember right now - it was an experiment at the time with AP reds, yellows and a bit of white.

 So there he is, minus some more basing work.  If you are still wondering why I used a humanoid model for a Tech Priest Dominus, let's just leave it at this - I don't find spidery Tech Priests wearing a sock on their head to be awe-inspiring!