Friday, January 27, 2017

Aquila Gate - Pt 2

(or Why did I build large terrain pieces?)

Since I've made a bit of progress since I last posted it, here are some more WIP update photos on the Aquila Gate.

The basecoat was the same Blue spray-paint-can color that my previous fortifications were colored with.  I chose to do the whole structure, inside and out so that I could achieve the blue-drybrushed-with-Grey effect wherever I needed to in the structure.  Obviously a lot of the interior details will be painted in something different than the "custom ferro-crete color" I'm using.

After that I applied a craft paint Copper to the Aquila and important building details.

I painted a wash of AP Red Tone over the top of the bright copper craft paint to give it a deeper tone, did a bit of copper drybrush on the central door details and then called it quits to move on to more important projects!