Monday, November 24, 2014

Crashed Lander

   Thankfully the weather here in the Carolinas has warmed up, offering me a chance to go outside and get some models primed.

(insert torrential downpour here)

Okay, so just as it warms up it starts pouring rain which relegates me to working on a few other projects that have been lying around unfinished.  TIme to repaint the Crashed Aquilla Lander I picked up off of eBay and match it to my terrain color-scheme.

   You can see the old light-blue paint scheme on white terrain (I guess they wanted it to be snow?)  I'm repainting it with Minitaire Lagoon Blue for the basic hull, a contrast color on the tips of FolkArt Sterling Blue.  Metalic highlights are in FolkArt Antique Copper.  Yes, that is right, I'm using acrylic craft paint on my terrain... IT IS TERRAIN, PEOPLE!
   The dirt color is FolkArt Real Brown, with drybrush highlights of Butter Pecan and Camel.  I can justify the craft paint as I've got to use a LOT of it on my foam-board hills.

If this rain keeps up, at least I'll have a chance to glue in some of the grass tufts that will make it look like the lander has at least been there for a while.  Hopefully the final result will look like freshly disturbed earth that has a week's worth of tall grass growing on it.  (but we'll have to see, as my terrain skills are sadly lacking.)