Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hobby Budget Challenge plan

Plan? We don't need no stinkin' PLAN!!

   Okay, maybe that isn't true in this case, because the fixed budget is $525, with a time frame of 6 months to complete the models.  I can do this... really, I can!

So, in that case, here is what I've been thinking...

   I kicked around several ideas while hanging out on the family farm last weekend, spent lots of time surfing the GW website and totaling up model costs to stay on budget.

   First thought was an updated (non-RT) Imperial Guard army.  I'd really love to build up my desert-themed army, pick up a superheavy vehicle along the way! However, when looking at my collection, I have TONS of primed and un-painted Rogue Trader era Guardsmen that are perfectly playable right now, already organized into platoons.   -  PLAN CANCELLED.

  Okay, well I could always start a new army, right?  I've got some older Eldar figures and I'd love a chance to paint something colorful.  You've got to be kidding me, right?  Nice attempt to trick me into buying a new Codex and Expansion there Mr. Subconscious!  - PLAN EXTERMINATUS

   What about expanding my Inquisition force?  I could build some cool scratchbuilds for $525.  Yeah, and I'd still be building that list NEXT December! -  PLAN CANCELLED

   I wonder how much Forge World Heresy-era gear I could get for $525.  I mean, the new Imperial Fists models are coming soon and I really love me some Mk 4 armor! - PLAN LUDICROUS

 So, coming back down to the REAL world of budgets and armies I play consistently:
                              The list will have to serve two purposes:  

   First it needs to stand on its own as a fun (but necessarily not tournament competitive) list that I can use in a neighborhood game and not get myself tabled in turn one.
     (If you don't know my feelings on "Fun" vs "Tournament" play, then go here!)

   Second, it needs to fit into my current army lists, not duplicate units or models that I already have (painted or not) and preferably replace models that I proxy often.

  Well, I guess that makes it easy, then...  What do I proxy the most?

   You got it... KNIGHTS!

Proxy Knights allied with Blood Angels prepare to smash a Tau strike force

That is a good start, but I have to go back to my first point... STANDALONE.  So, I'll need some anti-air and flyers, along with some quick troops that can keep up with the Knights.  That leaves me with...
    You guessed it... SPACE MARINES ON BIKES! 

So here is the list:

Space Marine Primary Detachment:

  • HQ 
    • Captain on Bike
  • Troops
    • 5-Marine Bike Squad
    • 5-Marine Bike Squad
  • Fast Attack
    • StormTalon
  • Heavy Support
    • Stalker
Knight Household Detachment:

  • Knight Paladin
  • Knight Errant   
Now there is some flexibility here.  I could play either detachment as primary in order to get the warlord traits I want or to force a specific Altar of War table.

And as for budget:

      $280 - Knights - $140 each
      $ 65 -  Stalker/Hunter kit
      $120 - Bike kits (3) to make 11 bikes - $40 each
      $ 45 - StormTalon
     $  510  Total

   The extra $15 will go to conversion parts, specifically Scibor Templar shoulder pads over at The War Store.

   Tell me what you think of the list or the plan to make the budget!