Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sternguard Build-up

(or why I hate tabards and robes!)

   If you remember when I was working on the Eisenkern-kit based Heavy weapons, I had this silly notion to make them practical.  That same though process explains why I really don't like the new Sternguard models with all of their tabards, robes etc.  I mean really, who can't see a Marine running uphill triping over those ungainly things and landing face-first in the muck?  Inspiring? I though not!

   So I am all for weighing them down with iconography, and various useful add-ons to make the Sternguard veterans look like they have earned their Veteran status.  It all started with a pile of bits, like most of my brainstorming projects!

Lance Carbine from Anvil Industries
  Once again, Anvil Industries makes an appearance in my bits box with their awesome kit, the Lance Carbine.  It makes for an awesome Combi-weapon.  Options for a Flamer, Melta and Plasma right out of the box, make the kit invaluable.  Additionally, the kit is pre-drilled for small magnets, so you can keep the kits interchangeable with a minimum of work. (although I'm starting to enter magnet-gluing hell!)

Starting with plastic Mk 4 legs, a variety of torsos, some Scibor Templar shield plates and shoulder pads, and we have a few sample Sternguard.  They all will have Mk 4 helmets as well, and each will have the Crux Terminatus on their left shoulder.  (Oh, you Codex Astartes adherents, spare me your complaints!)

The interchangeable magazines and combi-weapon parts make for some pretty cool options with these weapons.  I'm not sold 100 percent on some of the shields I chose for the sternguard chest plates, but I've got another 6 kits to build after I finish these!

   Overall I'm pretty happy with how the first group turned out, only 6 more to go!  Cutting off the stocks from the Lance carbines certainly made them look more "bolter-like", but I really like the look of the stocks.  Maybe I'll figure out a compromise for the next battery of Sternguard I build.  Off to base and prime these guys now that it has warmed up outside!

First 4 of my Sternguard built and ready for base build-up and priming