Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Taurox Conversion (pt1)

Since I can't seem to just build a kit right out of the box, I decided to take on a conversion of the Taurox kit to replace those horrendously ugly treads with a wheel kit from Blood and Skulls Industry. Additionally I wanted to magnetize the weapons loadout and make it somewhat modular.  I wasn't really excited about the Missile Launcher version of the Taurox, either in stats, or in looks, so I opted to not build out the missile racks. (I'm sure I'll find a good scratchbuild use for them soon!)

Wheeled Taurox with battlecannon installed and  optional weapons 

The mounts for the tires are pretty obvious in how they attach to the struts of the vehicle, and fit pretty well to the kit with a minimum of cutting.

When it came to making the weapons modular, I opted to leave the cool looking weapons mount on the side of the turret, which of course made it impossible to add an autocannon to each side.  An easy solution to the problem was to magnetize the autocannons to fit the side of the Taurox as well as magnetizing to each other and into the turret.  Overall, I think it looks pretty cool and still achieves the aim of functioning like a twin-linked autocannon for that vehicle loadout.

Twin Linked autocannon mod

The overall green base-coat went on pretty smoothly, so now I just have to wait for it to warm up so I can spray the other two colors onto the model for its camouflage pattern.  After that, a little weathering and dusting up the tires will get this model table-ready, and I can't wait to deploy it with my customized IG/AM.