Monday, July 06, 2015

Customized Sydonian Dragoon, pt 1

(Must. Stop. Customizing)

Here is the 90% solution for the Dragoon/Ironstrider customization.  Still working on the riders, and have a few samples assembled, ready for painting.

I started with the same basic paint scheme and techniques as my Knights.
  • Black primer coat
  • Drybrush with AP Gunmetal
  • Wash with AP Blue Tone

Side views of the customized walker

Front view of the customized walker

 For those that want a more detailed breakdown of the changes I made, here is an image that should help:

The purpose of the contraption behind the seat was to create the structure of a MIU for the walker's rider to be "interfaced" with.  As I was digging through the various bits in the standard kit, I realized that the "omniscope" accessory (or whatever it is) would make a good head-rest that I could then paint up with the obligatory lightning bolts and electrostatic discharge.

Armor carapace parts were handled as per the Knights:

  • Basecoat of AP Crystal Blue spray-can
  • Minitaire Lagoon Blue
  • Craft paint Antique Copper
Basecoated panels in place

The engine covers required a little trimming to fit under the MIU structure, specifically the repurposed servitor legs and cabling.  Eye highlighting was done with my Mechanicum combo:

  • Eye painted in Vallejo Jade Green
  • Center orb painted in Vallejo Foul Green
  • Orb highlight in Minitaire Base Grey
The MIU head-rest was painted in a similar technique:
  • Head-rest painted in Vallejo Jade Green
  • Lightning bolts painted in Minitaire Lagoon Blue
  • Lightning highlights painted in AP Wolf Grey
In hind-sight I should have used an even smaller brush for the Lightning highlights.  (I'll get it right on the next 4 walkers I have to build!)

Once it was detailed, with an edge wash of AP Dark Tone and a bit of Antique Copper drybrushing, the walker looked like the image to the right.

The base will be finished out in the same manner as the Knights.  I am using smaller chunks of columns from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and ordered some of the smaller Spartan Ruins bits made by Scibor from .

Now I'm off to build the riders and figure out how to properly magnetize them!