Thursday, July 09, 2015

Customized Sydonian Dragoon, pt 2

(Base is done... what, am I ignoring the riders?? YES I AM!!)

Walker and base joined
(and yes, I know I need to touch up the base edging... darn sand sticking to parts that it wasn't supposed to!!)

Actually I did get around to magnetizing the three riders I have built (one is in the background), along with the walker itself, but the rain is starting to put a crimp in my plans to primer the riders outside.

That is all for tonight!  If it dries out in the next few days I'll get the primer onto the riders and (maybe) a little detail work when the wife goes out with the girls!

  Oh and another shameless plug:

   If you are a fan of Skitarii and haven't seen the modifications and characters that +Eric Wier over at Between The Bolter and Me has done, you need to go check them out!